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A Word From the Founder......

            When I began on this mission as a wife, mother and grandmother, I never dreamed of the positive impact that it would make on my own family. Having all three of my daughters by my side in this worthwhile venture brings me great joy and a sense of accomplishment that only a parent can relate to. During the housing collapse of 2008 foreclosure, auto repossessions and divorce rates reached astonishing proportions due to loss of employment, business failures and/or diminishing financial portfolio(s) and yes it effected me also. Sixty(60) months later we are still feeling the ramifications of the lack of oversight in the financial markets leaving a vulnerable work force without options. I'm committed to helping families explore all of their options. Mothers Raising Sons & Daughters will do this by keeping the community informed of any changes that take place right under their noses without their knowledge putting them at a financial and/or political disadvantage. We will hold rallies and start partition drives informing the public of any bills or legislation being introduced that could have a positive or negative impact in their community. Never again will we be politically and financially blindsided. Yes we are taking self awareness to a new level and we hope you join us.

Deborah Lumpkins Founder/Director
"I'm committed to helping families explore all of their options."
Deborah Lumpkins Founder/Director
Mothers Raising Sons & Daughters ® 2015