Deborah Lumpkins - Director & Chairwoman Of the Board
Founder-Director & Chairwoman of the Board
Duties - Oversee day to day operations, respond to request to speak at engagements, initiate and personally manage local and statewide fundraisers.
Attend political and non-political functions that will impact local communities large or small.

Barbara Lumpkins - Vice Chairwoman
Vice Chairwoman & Board Member
Duties - Assist the Director with the day to day operations and to be available upon request when necessary to carry out the wishes and demands set forth by the Director.

Frances Lumpkins Allison - Project Coordinator
Secretary & Board Member
Duties - Maintain all the legal responsibilities and obligations of the organization and keeping the board informed of any changes and/or challenges in the cause(s) we champion. She is also responsible for tallying up any votes during any emergency or non-emergency sessions of the committee.

Mothers Raising Sons & Daughters ® 2015
Project Coordinator - Board Member
Duties - Responsible for the many events and speaking engagements the Director performs by request. Mrs. Allison enjoys this duty because she knows all too well this is "where the rubber meets the road" after all is said and done. As a Project Coordinator she's out in the field meeting and performing worthwhile duties important to the committee. She enjoys being upfront and center watching the impact actual change can make.

Treasurer & Board Member
Duties - Responsible for the day to day incoming and any out going expenses of the organization. She is also responsible for keeping the Director and committee informed of any changes in IRS codes/laws. This is particularly important to our donors who not only enjoy the benefits of making change for the better in our communities but in their financial portfolio(s) as well.

Valerie Lumpkins - Secretary
Adrienne Cherry - Treasurer